P802.11 802.11 Revision - REVmb TGmb Revision - See NOTE
P802.11aa Video Transport Streams TGaa Amendment
P802.11ac Very High Throughput in bands below 6 GHz TGac Amendment
P802.11ad Very High Throughput in the 60 GHz band TGad Amendment
P802.11ae Prioritization of Management frames TGae Amendment
P802.11af TV Whitespaces Operation TGaf Amendment
P802.11ah Sub 1 GHz License-Exempt Operation TGah Amendment
P802.11ai Fast Initial Link Setup TGai Amendment

NOTE -- P802.11mb was approved as a maintenance activity, and its work (largely of responding to interpretation requests) was performed within 802.11 by TGmb.  The revision project P802.11 was later approved and also assigned internally to TGmb.   The scope of this work subsumes that of P802.11mb.  The revision that it is producing is called P802.11REVmb, and will eventually be called IEEE STD 802.11-<year> on approval,  replacing the current STD 802.11-2007 and all its published amendments at that point.

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