IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs)

The IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) develops Personal Area Network standards for short distance wireless networks. The following are the Chair's final results for the forty-two (42) Voting Members that participated on LB1.


Bien Mr. Alan (Alan) voter a
Pan Dr. Davis (Davis) voter a
Baatz Mr. Simon (Simon) voter n
Bisdikian Dr. Chatschik (Chatschik) voter n
Eckard Mr. Richard (Dick) voter n
Gifford Mr. Ian (Ian) voter n
Golmie Ms. Nada (Nada) voter n
Heberling Mr. Allen (Allen) voter n
Heile Mr. Robert (Bob) voter n
Kinney Mr. Patrick (Pat) voter n
Kraemer Mr. Bruce P. (Bruce) voter n
McInnis Mr. Michael D. (Mike) voter n
Mueller Mr. Thomas voter n
Palin Mr. Arto (Arto) voter n
Shellhammer Dr. Stephen J. (Steve) voter n
Siep Mr. Thomas (Tom) voter n
Watanabe Dr. Fujio (Fujio) voter n
McGlynn Mr. Daniel R. voter n-w/o
Reede Mr. Ivan (Ivan) voter n-w/o
Alexandrou Mr. Dimitri (Dimitri) voter y
Batliwala Mr. Edul voter y
Crosswy Mr. Wm. Caldwell (Caldwell) voter y
Ditch Mr. Richard (Rich) voter y
Fischer Mr. Kurt (Kurt) voter y
Frank Mr. Matthias (Matthias) voter y
Jones Mr. John Paul (John) voter y
Kerry Mr. Stuart (Stuart) voter y
Miura Dr. Akira (Akira) voter y
Murray Mr. Peter voter y
Noble Mr. Erwin R. (Erwin) voter y
Rios Mr. Carlos A. (Carlos) voter y
Schwarz Mr. Karlheinz (Karlheinz) voter y
Torp Mr. Steve (Steve) voter y
Alborzi Mr. Houman (Houman) voter y/c
Li Dr. Yunxin (Yunxin) voter y/c
Paczonay Mr. Mike (Mike) voter y/c
Stapleton Mr. Nick (Nick) voter y/c
Carlson Mr. Dave voter  
Chhaya Mr. Harshal (Harshal) voter  
Kandala Dr. Srinivas (Srinivas) voter  
Kermani Dr. Parviz (Parviz) voter  
Roan Mr. Brian E. (Brian) voter  


a = Abstain. This category is provided to allow for ballot returns from members who do not wish to review the document because of conflict of interest, lack of expertise, or other reasons. A reason shall be given for this vote; otherwise, the ballot shall be classified as "no response."

n = Do Not Approve (Negative). This vote shall be accompanied by specific reasons in sufficient detail so that the specific wording of the changes that will cause the negative voter to change his or her vote to "approve" can readily be determined. The Sponsor shall obtain written confirmation from each voter that indicates concurrence with any change of his or her vote. Written confirmation can be by letter, fax, or electronic mail. In the absence of reasons for a negative vote, the ballot shall, after a follow-up inquiry, be classified as "no response."

y = Approve (Affirmative). This vote may be accompanied by comments suggesting corrections and improvements. Action on such comments is left to the discretion of the Sponsor.

/c = with Comments

w/o = with out Comments

[Blank] = failed to respond

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