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Subject: WPAN/ Extension of Letter Ballot 1Close Date

Happy Holidays--

Given that a lot of time is 'lost' in happy pursuits during the holiday session and to insure alignment with current 802 paper ballot voting rules,

I am extending the close of Letter Ballot 1 from December 10, 1999 to Thursday, December 23, at 11pm EST. I have discussed this with Jim Carlo,

and he concurs. The earlier close was intended to give our Technical Editor, Tom Siep, as much time as possible to organize and process the

comments. For Tom''s sake, please do not wait until the end. Pretend you still have only a week and get it done!!

Also, as a reminder to our nearly voting, and aspirant folks, you are also invited to make comments on the draft although you can not vote on it. Most

of you received this invitation at the Hawaii meeting and were able to download the draft and ballot material from the flash. For those remaining

few of you who want to review and comment and were unable to get a copy in Hawaii, request a copy from me by return email. I'd send it attached to

this email, but the total package is about a 1.5meg zip file. Some of you might not appreciate that without some warning.

Hope this makes it a little easier to get the job done.



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