IEEE 802.16 Task Group 4 (WirelessHUMANTM Task Group)

Task Group 4 has been merged into IEEE 802.16 Task Group a.

IEEE 802.16's Task Group 3 had been developing, under IEEE PAR 802.16b, an amendment to IEEE Standard 802.16 ("Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems"). This portion of the amendment covers "MAC Modifications and Additional Physical Layer for License-Exempt Frequencies."

The standard under development is also known as the WirelessHUMANTM (Wireless High-Speed Unlicensed Metropolitan Area Network) Standard.

The Task Group 4 Leadership Team was:
Dr. Durga P. Satapathy, Sprint
Vice Chair:
Sanjay Moghe, RF Solutions
Secretary/Editor/MAC Chair:
Ken Peirce, Malibu Networks
PHY Chair:
John M. Liebetreu, Intersil Corporation
Coexistence Liaison:
David C. Chauncey, Clearwire Technologies Inc.

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