IEEE 802.16 Confirmation Ballot #4b: Voting Report

Motion: to accept the comment resolutions from Recirculation Ballot #4a, as recorded in Comments 770-1178 of IEEE 802.16-02/01r13; and to forward, for IEEE 802 LMSC Sponsor Ballot, IEEE P802.16a/D3-2002.

Dates: 25 March - 4 April 2002

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Summary (update: 4 April 2002)

Approve Dis Votes Approval
Approval Ratio
Condition Met
Abstain Ballots Members Return
Return Ratio
Condition Met
99 5 104 95.2% Yes 18 122 178 68.5% Yes 0 Yes


4 April 2002: The Working Group Chair declares that Confirmation Ballot #4b concluded successfully, with no comments and no new Disapprove votes, so that no further recirculation is required. As as result, the Chair declares that Working Group Letter Ballot #4 has concluded successfully as of 4 April 2002. As a result, IEEE P802.16a/D3-2002 will be forwarded to the IEEE 802 LMSC Sponsor Executive Committee with a request for Sponsor Ballot.

Ballot Details (final)

[Note: "Decline" means "did not return a ballot".]

Name\Family Name\Given Vote before
Confirm Ballot #4b
Comments or Changed Vote in
Confirm Ballot #4b
Agrawal Aditya Approve
An Song Approve
Antonello Gordon Approve
Arefi Reza Approve
Ariyavisitakul S. Lek Approve
Arrakoski Jori Disapprove Abstain
Arunachalam Arun Decline
Audeh Malik Approve
Avera Drayt Decline
Avivi Eli Approve
Baragar Ian Approve
Baugh C.R. (Rick) Decline
Belfiore Carlos Decline
Benyamin- Seeyar Anader Approve
Brennan James Abstain
Bushue Carl Approve
Buskila Baruch Approve
Caso Gregory Decline
Chang Yuankai Approve
Chang Dean Approve
Chauncey David Approve
Chayat Naftali Disapprove Approve, No Comments
Chayer Rémi Approve
Coles Ronald Abstain
Condie Mary Decline
Cornelius James Abstain
Costa José Approve
Donahue Michael Approve
Dotan Amos Approve
Durand Roger Abstain
Edmonston Brian Approve
Eidson Brian Approve
Eilts Henry Approve
Eklund Carl Approve
El-Damhougy Hesham Decline
Erceg Vinko Decline
Fishel George Decline
Florea Adrian Decline
Foster Robert Decline
Freedman Avraham Approve
Garrett Andrew Approve
Garrison G. Jack Abstain
Gieschen Brian Disapprove Approve, No Comments
Goldhammer Marianna Disapprove Approve, No Comments
Guillemette Phil Decline
Hadad Zion Approve
Hakim Joseph Approve
Halachmi Baruch Decline
Hamilton Michael Abstain
Harteneck Moritz Approve
Hatim Baya Approve
Hebron Yoav Approve
Heise Bob Decline
Hosur Srinath Approve
Hum Coleman Approve
Hunter Wayne Decline Approve, No Comments
Husson David Approve
Jackson Du Wayne Approve
Jacobsen Eric Disapprove Abstain
Jamali Hamadi Approve
Joo Panyuh Disapprove
Jorgensen Jacob Approve
Kaitz Tal Approve
Kang Inchul Abstain
Kasslin Mika Approve
Kelly Phil Approve
Kelman Ofer Approve
Kiernan Brian Approve
Kim John Decline
Kitroser Itzik Approve
Klein Allan Decline
Klein Jay Approve
Kolze Thomas Disapprove
Kostas Demosthenes Decline
Krinock Jerome Approve
Krishnamoorthy Rajeev Decline
Kwak Byung-Jae Decline
Labs Jonathan Approve
Langley John Approve
Lee Chin-Chen Abstain
Leiba Yigal Approve
Leng Minfei Decline
Levinson Moshe Approve
Lewis Barry Decline
Licardie Sergio Decline
Liebetreu John Approve
Lindh Lars Disapprove
Lo Titus Decline
Lou Hui-Ling Approve
Lu Willie Decline
Lycklama Heinz Disapprove
Malkemes Robert Decline
Marin J. Scott Approve
Markarian Garik Approve
Marks Roger Approve
McCallister Ronald Abstain
McGregor Andy Decline
McKown Russell Approve
Mehta Sushil Decline
Meyer Ronald Approve
Middleton Andrew Approve
Mitlin Vlad Decline
Mody Apurva Disapprove Abstain
Moghe Sanjay Decline
Mollenauer James Decline
Monk Anton Decline
Murias Ronald Approve
Music Wayne Decline
Myers William Decline
Nadeau Jim Decline
Nelson Robert Approve
Olszewski Kim Approve
Padan Uzi Approve
Paff Mike Approve
Patel Manish Decline
Peirce Kenneth Approve
Ponnuswamy Subbu Approve
Quilez Vicente Decline
Rafie Manouchehr Decline
Ran Moshe Approve
Regev Einan Decline
Reible Stanley Approve
Resheff Guy Decline
Rhodes Valentine Decline
Robinson Gene Approve
Roehr Walt Approve
Sarajedini Amir Approve
Sarca Octavian Decline
Sari Hikmet Approve
Satapathy Durga Approve
Sater Glen Decline
Scaringi Vito Decline
Scarpa Carl Approve
Schwartz Randall Approve
Segal Yossi Approve
Selea Radu Decline
Seller Olivier Approve
Shahar Menashe Abstain
Shan Tie-Jun Decline
Shani David Decline
Shenhav Chaim Approve
Shirali Chet Abstain
Simkins James Approve
Singh Manoneet Approve
Singleton Ken Abstain
Smith Steven Decline
Son Jung Je Approve
Sonander Sean Approve
Stamatelos George Decline
Stambaugh Karl Abstain
Stanwood Kenneth Approve
Stewart Michael Approve
Struhsaker Paul Approve
Sydor John Approve
Taylor Shawn Disapprove Approve, No Comments*
Tellado Jose Decline
Thompson Paul Decline
Tiram-Regev Ayelet Approve
Trinkwon David Disapprove
van Waes Nico Disapprove Approve, No Comments
Varma Subir Approve
Wachira Muya Decline
Wang Arthur Abstain
Wang Lei Disapprove Approve, No Comments
Wang Chao-Chun Decline
Wang Stanley Approve
Ward Robert Abstain
Watkins Larry Approve
Whitehead Philip Approve
Whiting Robert Approve
Williams David Decline
Wise Curt Decline
Yanover Vladimir Disapprove Approve, No Comments
Ye Huanchun Approve
Zeng Chaoming Decline
Zhang Wenhan Approve
Zuniga Juan Carlos Approve
Zyskowski Paul Decline

*Based on ruling of Working Group Chair that voter's sole binding comment has been accepted in comment resolution and incorporated. Voter did not respond.