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Re: background on co-located coexistence


I support the allocation of one 802.19 meeting interval.

I hope we'll have some useful exchange beforehand so that meeting won't start cold.


On Jun 2, 2008, at 12:16 PM, John Barr wrote:

Good idea. I am sure there is sufficient information to cover in one session.  John

On 6/2/08 12:01 PM, "Shellhammer, Steve" <> wrote:

I have one question for the group.
Should we have a meeting on this topic at the July plenary?  The 802.19 TAG could host the meeting if there is interest.

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Subject: background on co-located coexistence

I want to thank Steve for setting up this reflector.

To start things rolling, I just wanted to first remind the folks here of some background.

(1) An IEEE 802 Tutorial of 13 November 2007 on “WPAN/WLAN/WWAN Multi-Radio Coexistence” was primarily on coexistence among co-located radios:


(2) At the March 802 Plenary, the 802.16 Working Group wrote to the 802.11 and 802.15 Working Groups:


That letter noted that 802.16 has been developing solutions relevant to this problem for incorporation into the P802.16Rev2 draft. It added that it was aware of related work in the 802.11 Working Group, particularly in the 802.11v Network Management Task Group. The 802.16 WG said that it it would "like to see the various techniques considered for compatibility to ensure that they work effectively together." It requested some followup discussions by WG participants.

(3) The 802.11 and 802.15 WGs responded in May:


indicating support for the discussions.

802.16 has continued with the development in this area, particularly by moving ahead with a specification of "Sleep mode supporting co-located coexistence" in the P802.16Rev2 draft.

I hope that, through this reflector, the participants will have a chance to exchange views on the progress in the various groups. I would "like to see the various techniques considered for compatibility to ensure that they work effectively together."



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