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Re: [802.21] IEEE 802.21 - DVB Integration Presentation

Dear Daniel,

many thanks for your comments. Your input is very valuable to us and we 
also welcome any contribution from your side in order to be able to 
accomplish the integration successfully.

Hereby, I also invite other colleagues from 802.21 to actively share 
their ideas with us so that we have a productive presentation in January.

Best Regards


Daniel Park schrieb:
> For example, nowadays, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) comes up in the
> real market and ITU-T is in the progress of developing *Mobile IPTV*
> standard which aims to service and deliver IPTV contents over wirelsss and
> mobile networks. DVB-H and other wireless network integration seems to me
> one of examples of *Mobile IPTV* business in the market. 
> Anyhow, good initiative, and I will try to feed out this issue and feedback
> with my relevant *ITU-T IPTV* knowledge if group wants.
> Daniel Park [at] SAMSUNG Electronics
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>> From: Gupta, Vivek G [mailto:vivek.g.gupta@INTEL.COM] 
>> Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 6:35 AM
>> Subject: Re: [802.21] IEEE 802.21 - DVB Integration Presentation
>> Dear Burak Simsek,
>> Thank you very much for your presentation on DVB-Integration.
>> The presentation was very well received and as you may have noticed
>> there was immense interest in this topic from the IEEE 802.21 WG.
>> As discussed during the Nov meeting we would request you to attend the
>> Jan meeting in Taipei and provide further details related to different
>> Usage Models and Use Case scenarios and high level handover flow
>> diagrams for these use cases.
>> Once we have determined the viability of these use cases and
>> market/business interests we can discuss how to proceed 
>> further on this
>> topic. I am really looking forward to a productive discussion on this
>> topic in the Jan meeting.
>> Kind Regards
>> -Vivek
>> Vivek Gupta
>> Chair IEEE 802.21
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>> From: Burak Simsek
>> Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 11:05 AM
>> To: IEEE 802.21
>> Subject: IEEE 802.21 - DVB Integration Presentation
>> Dear Colleagues,
>> Wednesday afternoon at 02:00 PM we will present our proposal 
>> considering
>> the 
>> integration of unidirectional technologies such as DVB-H into IEEE 
>> 802.21. This integration would allow IEEE 802.21 to support hybrid 
>> networks, where powerful bi-directional technologies like 
>> i.e. WiMAX or 
>> UMTS are enriched with broadcast dedicated technologies. The current 
>> proposal focuses on DVB-H, but should be generic enough to allow 
>> extensions handling other broadcast technologies.
>> During our presentation on Wednesday, we will look at the 
>> major features
>> of unidirectional technologies, particularly the DVB-H standard, and 
>> motivate why we see a merit in covering them in IEEE 802.21- 
>> both from a
>> technical and a business point of view. To round up the talk, we'll 
>> identify open issues and develop potential steps towards this 
>> proposed 
>> technology integration.
>> This proposal has been prepared by Fraunhofer Institute, Deutsche 
>> Telekom, T-Systems, NEC, Technical University of 
>> Braunschweig, IRT and 
>> Eurecom. Those companies/institutes also support the proposal 
>> officially. Additionally, Prof. Reimers, who's known as the father of 
>> DVB in Europe has announced his support to this proposal as follows:
>> "In my capacity as Chairman of the Technical Module of the 
>> International
>> DVB Project I strongly support the inclusion of DVB-H in IEEE 802.21. 
>> Mobile TV based on DVB-H is being introduced in many countries around 
>> the world. Whereas in the first phase it will mostly bring 
>> entertainment
>> services to handhelds such as mobile phones it provides a 
>> generic data 
>> downstream with high data rates. It is clear that numerous 
>> companies are
>> working on the integration of 3G networks and this additional DVB-H 
>> broadcast downstream into "hybrid" network structures. The IEEE would 
>> therefore be well advised to incorporate certain broadcast 
>> technologies 
>> in IEEE 802.21." Ulrich Reimers
>> We would be happy to discuss this topic with you either on 
>> this mailing 
>> list or during the 802 convention.
>> Best regards,
>> Burak Simsek
>> Fraunhofer Institute
>> Germany