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[802.3_100GCU] EEE question of 802.3bj D3.0



I have EEE questions of 802.3bj D3.0 as following.


As the following figure(new plotted),

Question1:Does alert/quiet signal follow Figure 83-7/83-8(in 802.3bj D3.0) in XLAUI(point A,B)?

   Does ALERT pattern replace repeating 16-bit pattern with Figure 83-7 method?


Question2:Does alert/quiet signal follow Figure 83-7/83-8(in 802.3bj D3.0) in 40GBASE-CR4(point E,F)?

I found following two descriptions(a)(b) in 802.3bj D3.0.

(a)PMD 85.7.2

       If the optional Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) capability with the deep sleep mode option is supported (see Clause 78) then when tx_mode is set to ALERT, the adjacent PMA sends a repeating 16-bit pattern, hexadecimal 0xFF00, to the PMD, which the PMD transmits.


       When the value of tx_mode is ALERT, the PMA inserts the PMA alert signal defined in

      The description(a) seems that ALERT pattern is repeating 16bit pattern.

But description(b) seems that ALERT pattern is generated from Figure 83-7.

I am confused about these two descriptions.


Thanks for your kindly help.







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