100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Study Group

Interim Meeting Material
Jan 12th - 13th, 2011
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA


Meeting Materials

All Files
     17-May 11 (7.8M)

General Information    

Agenda and General Information
     6-Jan 11 (265k)

John D'Ambrosia Force10 Networks

Overview of the Process
     15-Jan 11 (348k)

Wael Diab Broadcom

Review of the 5 Criteria
     6-Jan 11 (188k)

Howard Frazier Broadcom

Approved Minutes
     17-May 11 (64k)

Dave Chalupsky Intel
Liaisons and Communications    

Proposed Informal Communication to OIF                                    15-Jan 11 (19k)                                                                   Update Per Study Group Discussion                                          15-Jan 11 (18k)

Tom Palkert Xilinx / Luxtera

Process and Problems
     6-Jan 11 (138k)

John D'Ambrosia Force10 Networks

OIF CEI-25G-LR Overview
     15-Jan 11 (1.0M)

Tom Palkert Xilinx / Luxtera

100GE for Telecom
     6-Jan 11(114k)

Bengt Kvist Ericsson

Feasibility Study for: IEEE 802.3 100GbE Electrical Backplane / Copper Cabling Study Group
     6-Jan 11 (400k)

Vittal Balasubramanian FCI

IEEE 802.3 Electrical Backplane/Twinax Cu Cable SG Objectives
     6-Jan 11 (1.3M)

Chris DiMinico MC Communications / Leoni Cables & Systems

25Gb/s VSR Link Data
     15-Jan 11 (81k)

Megha Shanbhag Tyco Electonics

Technical Feasibility of Twinax Copper Cable for 4x25Gbps Data Transmission
     6-Jan 11 (1.2M)

Mark Bugg
Ebrahim Abunasrah

Suggested Practices for Reporting Simulation Results
     15-Jan 11 (94k)

Adam Healey  LSI

Study of 100 Gb/s on 40GBASE-KR4 Channel
     6-Jan 11 (302k)

Howard Frazier
Vasu Parthasarathy

25Gbps Communication over10GBASE-KR Channels
     6-Jan 11 (441k)

Will Bliss Broadcom

Technical Feasibility of Serial 25 Gb/s Signaling over Backplanes: Channel and System Analysis
     6-Jan 11 (xxk)

Ziad Hatab
Frank Chang

Elements for 100Gb/s FEC
     6-Jan 11 (267k)

Sudeep Bhoja Broadcom

FEC Options for 100G-KR
     6-Jan 11 (566k)

Zhongfeng Wang Broadcom

Materials Issues for Low Skew Close Phase Matching in 25Gbps Differential System Designs
     1-Feb 11 (925k)

Ed Sayre
Sunichi Maeda
Shinji Yoshikawa
KEI Systems, Inc.
Asahi-Kasei E Materials


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