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[802.3_100GEL] Welcome to 100GEL!

Happy Monday and welcome to the “100Gbps per Lane for Electrical Interfaces and Electrical PHYs” Study Group, AKA 100G Electrical Lane SG!


As promised I’m sending call information to the reflector in a moment… these are likely to be some lively discussions, if you can join us!  I will do my best to keep us concise and moving forward.


12/13 – 8am PDT – Consensus discussion

12/20 – 9:05am PDT – First Ad Hoc meeting for the study group


Feel free to email me with questions or if you need details.



From: Elizabeth Kochuparambil (edonnay)
Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2017 3:07 PM
To: STDS-802-3-NGECDC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Kent Lusted <kent.c.lusted@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Kick-off of 100GEL (electrical lane) Study Group


Hello All and Welcome to December!

Thank you for the support of the successful CFI and unanimous vote for form a study group!!


The reflector for our study group is officially in place… Please join our discussion.


The first official ad hoc will be Wednesday December 20th at 9am PST (.3cd leadership has agreed to shorten their ad hoc to an hour immediately prior).  In addition, given the announcement of cancellation for .3cd’s Dec. 13 ad hoc, I’m going to host an unofficial consensus building call in its place at 8am PST (on Wed. Dec. 13th) to prepare for the official start.  Call information for both will be sent out via the 100GEL reflector.


A HUGE thank you to Kent Lusted accepting my proposal of him as Acting Vice Chair in our efforts.  He and I are teaming up to lead our group to success!


I’m new to working with the IEEE web area, so please be patient with the website.

I look forward to working together towards an even greater tomorrow!


~ Beth


Beth Kochuparambil

Acting Study Group Chair



My apologies if you are receiving this email twice.  I have BCC’d the list of CFI supporters.