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[802.3_100GEL] Announcing the 100GEL Study Group Interim Meeting - Jan 18-19, Geneva, Switzerland

Hello and Happy Thursday!

With Geneva right around the corner, I was reminded that I was supposed to send out a meeting announcement… oops!  Still learning.


Our study group will meet Thursday 1pm-5:30pm & Friday 8am-6pm of the interim week.  Presentations should be centered on completing the PAR and CSD.  Narrowing down the objectives is also a noble goal, however we have through March to complete this milestone.


-        Request for presentations are due (to me) next Friday. Jan 12th AOE.

-        Presentations are due (to myself and Kent) by 5pm PST the Wednesday prior to the meeting so I get them uploaded for the group’s review.

-        Late presentations can/should still be submitted, but will be subject to available time on the agenda and study group approval.


Presentation requests should include the following information:  Name of presenter, Title of presentation, Length of time requested (this should include time for questions and answers), and Brief description of topic


The schedule for January is available here:

The 802.3 meetings will be in the CICG conference center and the ITU buildings. If you haven't registered, please do so now to avoid delays. Access to these facilities requires a badge---you will not be able to get in without one.

Meetings in the CICG are limited to 08h00 to 18h00; meetings in the ITU can run later, as shown in the schedule.


Go to the Interim page for the link, if you still need to register:


I look forward to seeing your contribution to our efforts!