IEEE 802.3 100GEL Study Group

Meeting Materials for:
Interim Meeting
Week of Jan 22-26, 2018
Geneva, Switzerland

Download all meeting materials here: <Updated 01-Jan-2018 9:34am PST>

General Information

Agenda and General Information 24-Jan-2018 Beth Kochuparambil Cisco
Study Group Crash Course 25-Jan-2018 Mark Nowell Cisco
Approved Minutes 07-Mar-2018 Kent Lusted Intel

Liaison Letters

OIF to IEEE 802.3 on OIF CEI-112G projects Mike Li
Nathan Tracy
Steve Trowbridge
TE Connectivity

Study Group Documentation under development

Proposed CSD Language 24-Jan-2018 Kent Lusted Intel
Proposed PAR Language 25-Jan-2018 Beth Kochuparambil cisco
Proposed Objective Language 25-Jan-2018
CSD Language modification from SG feedback 31-Jan-2018 Kent Lusted Intel
PAR Language modification from SG feedback 26-Jan-2018 Beth Kochuparambil cisco

Contributed Presentations

100 Gb/s Electrical Links System View 19-Jan-2018 David Ofelt
Mark Gustlin
Kent Lusted
Gary Nicholl
Rob Stone
Beth Kochuparambil
Architectural Consideration for 100 Gb/s/lane Systems 29-Jan-2018 Ali Ghiasi Ghiasi Quantum LLC
One lane electrical what do we really mean? 19-Jan-2018 George Zimmerman CME Consulting/Aquantia
100G / Lane Electrical Interfaces for Datacenter Switching 19-Jan-2018 Rob Stone Broadcom
Measured Data for 112G Chip to Module Channel Analysis 19-Jan-2018 Nathan Tracy TE Connectivity
Initial thoughts on 100Gb/s per lane AUI Objectives 23-Jan-2018 Gary Nicholl Cisco
System impacts of CR variant 19-Jan-2018 Tom Palkert Molex
Considerations for 100 Gb/lane Electrical Interfaces 22-Jan-2018 Chris DiMinico MC Communications/Panduit
Host backplane channel models 19-Jan-2018 Howard Heck Intel
Channel Simulations for 112G Backplane Analysis 19-Jan-2018 Nathan Tracy TE Connectivity
Technical Feasibility of 100Gb/s per lane SerDes for Backplanes 25-Jan-2018 Hiroki Miyaoka
Toshiaki Sakai
An Alternative Proposal to Maximize 100Gbps/Lane Electrical Link Performance 29-Jan-2018 Ramin Farjadrad Aquantia
100Gbps SERDES Discussion 26-Jan-2018, noon Phil Sun Credo

Late Contributions

Direct Attach Copper Cable Broad Market Potential 25-Jan-2018 Tom Palkert
Nathan Tracy
Greg McSorley
TE Connectivity

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