IEEE 802.3 100GEL Study Group

Meeting Materials for:
Plenary Meeting
Week of March 5-8, 2018
Rosemont, IL, USA

Download all meeting materials here: <Updated 19-Mar-2018 11:05am PDT>

General Information

Agenda 7-Mar-2018 Beth Kochuparambil Cisco
Unapproved Minutes 19-Mar-2018 Kent Lusted Intel

Liaison Letters

Draft IEEE 802.3 to OIF regarding 100GEL 8-Mar-2018 Tom Palkert Molex

Study Group Documentation under development

Adopted Draft of CSD
Adopted Draft of CSD with changebars
Beth Kochuparambil Cisco
Adopted Draft of of PAR
Adopted Draft of PAR with changebars
Beth Kochuparambil Cisco
Adopted Objectives

Contributed Presentations

Evolution of Cu Cabling 2-Mar-2018 Ali Ghiasi Ghiasi Quantum
Criteria for 100Gbps Copper Cable Solution 2-Mar-2018 Joel Goergen
Jane Lim
Marco Mazzini
Channel Simulations for 100G Direct Attach cable (Copper) Analysis 2-Mar-2018 Nathan Tracy TE Connectivity
Backplane and Copper Cabling Objectives - Wording and Technical Decisions 2-Mar-2018 George Zimmerman CME Consulting, Inc./Aquantia
100G Passive Copper Cable Link Budget Analysis 2-Mar-2018 Tom Palkert
Alex Haser
Chris Roth
100GEL C2M Channel Estimate 7-Mar-2018 Jane Lim
Pirooz Tooyserkani Upen Reddy Kareti Joel Goergen Marco Mazzini
Architectural Consideration for System Based on 100 Gb/s/Lane Signaling 2-Mar-2018 Ali Ghiasi
Feng Hong
Xinyuan Wang
Yu Xu
Ghiasi Quantum
Using Chiplets to Lower Package Loss 7-Mar-2018 Brian Holden Kandou
Updated Host Backplane Feasibility & Models 9-Mar-2018 Howard Heck Intel
112 Gbps BR and COM Investigation 2-Mar-2018 Mike Li
Adee Ran
Technical Feasibility of 100Gb/s per lane SerDes for Backplanes 2-Mar-2018 Hiroki Miyaoka
Toshiaki Sakai
Insertion Loss Target for 100 Gb/s per Lane Electrical PHYs 2-Mar-2018 Adam Healey
Cathy Liu
Direct Attach Copper Cable Broad Market Potential and Economic Feasibility 2-Mar-2018 Tom Palkert Molex
112G Channel Analysis - ExaMAX+ Direct-Mate Orthogonal Channel 7-Mar-2018 Andy Zambell Amphenol

Late Contributions

ToR Switch Architectures and Implications for 100G Electrical Lane Interfaces 5-Mar-2018 Rob Stone Broadcom
Channel Loss Budget Considerations for 100 Gb/s per Lane Electrical Interfaces 3-Mar-2018 Chris DiMinico PHY-SI LLC
Power Comparison of 106Gbps Dual-Duplex and Single-Duplex PHY Architectures 7-Mar-2018 Ramin Farjadrad Aquantia

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