IEEE 802.3 100GEL Study Group - Tools and Channels

Backplane Channels

112G Channel Analysis ExaMAX+ Direct-Mate Orthogonal Channel 02-Mar-2018 Andy Zambell Amphenol
Initial Host Backplane Channel Models & Development Plans 19-Jan-2018 Howard Heck Intel
Channel Simulations for 112G Backplane Analysis 19-Jan-2018 Nathan Tracy TE Connectivity
Initial Backplane Models - Best case Tachyon backplane 03-Jan-2018 Rich Mellitz Samtec

Cu Cable Channels

Synthesised CR End-to-End Models 12-Feb-2018 Rich Mellitz Samtec

Chip-to-Module Channels

100GEL C2M Channel Estimate & Impact on the TBD in the Objectives 5-Mar-2018 Jane Lim Cisco
Measured Data for 112G Chip to Module Channel Analysis 19-Jan-2018 Nathan Tracy TE Connectivity

Chip to Chip Channels


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Last Update: 2 Jan 2018

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