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[10GBASE-T] FW: IEEE 802.3 Voters

Title: FW: IEEE 802.3 Voters

Just a reminder for those 802.3 members that have voting rights.  If you are an 802.3 voter, you are required to participate in Working Group ballots to maintain your voting privileges and you must keep your contact information up to date.

Thank you,

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From:   Grow, Bob 
Sent:   Friday, January 03, 2003 5:21 PM
To:     Bob Grow; Booth, Bradley; Dan Dove; David Law (E-mail); Howard Frazier; Steve Carlson
Subject:        IEEE 802.3 Voters


If you feel it appropriate, please inform your group of these items:

Regarding 802.3 membership (voting rights):

1.  Some people have lost their voting rights for failure to maintain contact information.  See attached file of those removed.  About half these people will probably be on the voters in peril list in March.  A good portion of the other half are likely to be understandably unhappy with this action.  When complete contact information is provided (especially valid email addresses), they will be restored to the status they would otherwise hold per attendance and ballot participation (e.g., Voter in Peril).

2.  The return rate for the 802.3aj ballot was barely above 50% (abstention rate was relatively comfortable).  David will be opening Interpretations WG ballots following the January meeting.  Please remind your groups that participation in WG ballots is one of the requirements for retention of 802.3 membership. 

Project ballot status:

1.  802.3aj WG ballot closed 2 Jan and is approved.  There are a significant number of comments to address.  There will almost certainly be a WG recirculation.  The Sponsor Ballot group will be formed following the Vancouver meeting.

2.  802.3af Sponsor ballot closed 1 Jan and is approved.  A recirculation will be required and conducted on a schedule allowing for two recirculations prior to the March meeting.  A conditional February meeting in Santa Clara has been announced in the event a second recirculation is required.

Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3 Working Group