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Re: [10GBASE-T] matlab ad hoc

Hi Bill,

DFE is a good point to start. We suggest that since the core function to
calculate optimal SNR will be used over and over again for different line
code, transformer, transmit PSD it is better to develop this in a modular
form as a MATLAB function. The function can take various models, such as,
channel, noise, transformer, and transmit PSD as input. Of course we can
have default values for those parameters. As far as the calculation is
concerned we suggest that we start with sampled spaced DFE.  Just a comment
about the proposed transformer model, we feel that the 3dB cutoff point is
too high and we should add a 3dB high pass cut off point as well, say around

Please add me on your distribution list and I am planning to contribute in
the Matlab code development.


Telicos Corporation


To get this kicked off, I suggest developing some code to compute the
optimal DFE SNR.  I would like to see several participants independently
develop some code.  For the purposes of testing the code only, we need to
agree upon a transmit PSD, transformer, channel and noise models.   I do not
want to use DSL models. I suggest something from TIA 568b or ISO 11801.  I
am open to specific proposals.  For the transformer, I suggest a simple
first order high pass filter with low frequency 3dB point in the range of 10
to 15 MHz.  For the simulation results I have present, I used 12.5 MHz.  For
initial testing purposes, I suggest a PAM10 PSD with 10dBm power.

I am sending this to the reflector.  But, since several people are having
problems getting to the reflector, I am thinking to carry on the ad hoc via
direct distribution to interested participants.  Let me know if this creates
a problem for anyone.  So, I will be sending a separate email directly to
those participants that have contacted me either by email or business card
by the end of business today (1/16/03).  If you do not receive a second
email and are interested in participating, kindly send me an email.

Also, I have just received the 1000BASE-T code from Chris which I will be



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