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Re: [10GBASE-T] matlab ad hoc

Hi Bill,

I agree with Bijit's point that MATLAB program needs
to be modular and accept different parameters such
as line codes.

Regarding transformer model the upper -3dB point should
be high enough to cover line codes such as PAM5. I would
suggest to use transformer bandwidth with f-3dBL=10 MHz
and f-3dBU=700 MHz.

Please add me to your MATLAB distribution list.


Joseph N. Babanezhad
Plato Labs.

> Hi Bill,
> DFE is a good point to start. We suggest that since the core 
> function to calculate optimal SNR will be used over and over again 
> for different line code, transformer, transmit PSD it is better to 
> develop this in a modular form as a MATLAB function. The function 
> can take various models, such as, channel, noise, transformer, and 
> transmit PSD as input. Of course we can have default values for 
> those parameters. As far as the calculation is concerned we suggest 
> that we start with sampled spaced DFE.  Just a comment about the 
> proposed transformer model, we feel that the 3dB cutoff point is too 
> high and we should add a 3dB high pass cut off point as well, say around
> 350MHz.
> Please add me on your distribution list and I am planning to 
> contribute in the Matlab code development.
> Thanks.
> -Bijit
> Telicos Corporation
> Participants
> To get this kicked off, I suggest developing some code to compute the
> optimal DFE SNR.  I would like to see several participants independently
> develop some code.  For the purposes of testing the code only, we 
> need to agree upon a transmit PSD, transformer, channel and noise 
> models.   I do not want to use DSL models. I suggest something from 
> TIA 568b or ISO 11801.  I am open to specific proposals.  For the 
> transformer, I suggest a simple first order high pass filter with 
> low frequency 3dB point in the range of 10 to 15 MHz.  For the 
> simulation results I have present, I used 12.5 MHz.  For initial 
> testing purposes, I suggest a PAM10 PSD with 10dBm power.
> I am sending this to the reflector.  But, since several people are having
> problems getting to the reflector, I am thinking to carry on the ad 
> hoc via direct distribution to interested participants.  Let me know 
> if this creates a problem for anyone.  So, I will be sending a 
> separate email directly to those participants that have contacted me 
> either by email or business card by the end of business today 
> (1/16/03).  If you do not receive a second email and are interested 
> in participating, kindly send me an email.
> Also, I have just received the 1000BASE-T code from Chris which I 
> will be distributing.
> Regards
> Bill
> William W. Jones, Ph.D.
> Director of Systems Engineering
> SolarFlare Communications, Inc.
> 949-581-6830, ext. 2550
> mobile: 619-405-2445
> fax: 949-581-4695

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