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RE: [10GBASE-T] question about the complexity reduction of MIMO


I believe the complexity of a practical realization is important to the
group as we look at the feasibility of 10 gigabits/second over Cat-5 and
the role that different line codes play.

I am curious as to what complexity measure you are using when discussing
the 16x reduction using MIMO.  Is it power dissipation for a given
technology?  Multiplies per second?  Gate count?



On Mon, 2003-01-20 at 13:44, William Jones wrote:
> Xiaopeng
> I would claim the maximum is a 16x reduction.  So, a practical realization is in the range 4x to 16x.  Our approach is somewhere around 7x.  Note, a MIMO realization is not unique.  But, this is not a concern for the study group.
> Bill  
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> Subject: [10GBASE-T] question about the complexity reduction of MIMO
> Bill,
> I have a quick question about MIMO.  In your presentation, you stated that
> the MIMO architecture can help to reduce the DSP complexity from 10 to 1.5.
> For a 4x4 MIMO system, the maximum complexity reduction is 4 times if I am
> not wrong.   In this extreme case, a one-channel DSP engine can be reused
> for 4 channels without any modification.  However even in such a case, the
> DSP complexity is still 2.5.
> Xiaopeng
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