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[10GBASE-T] [10GBT-Modeling] DFE SNR Simulation: Time-Domain Channel Impulse Responses

I have been approaching this topic in time domain.  The first step in the direction was to derive
time-domain impulse responses.  Attached are the reponses only due to the insertion loss based on
the three different sources: Avaya measurement on Cat6 from Terry Cobb, the SolarFlare model,
and the Class D model. 
The Avaya and SolarFlare produced reasonable looking reponses, while the Class D didn't seem to
result in correct waveform shape.  For the phase of Class D, linear phase was assumed
and the propagation delay used for the plot was computed from the Avaya measurement (assuming
that the signal speed is more or less the same on both Cat5 and Cat6).
I am now in the process of performing time-domain simulations of the DFE architecture.  Initially I plan to run
the simulation on the Class D model with linear phase.  The various prop. delays can be extracted from the Avaya
measurements (in most cases, the measurements show constant group delays).  Once I develop
the program, different measurements and models can be simulated.
Please let me know if you have any comments.

Time-Domain Impulse Responses.doc