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Re: [10GBASE-T] EFM OAM...


What you are asking for is different than the question Brad asked.

What I gather from what you said is:
         No, Brad should not worry about OAM in his project
         But, there is a significant need for OAM that is consistent across 
Are you volunteering yourself for a new project?


At 09:48 PM 2/18/2003 -0800, Val Oliva wrote:

>OAM is critical for Ethernet, whether it's in 802.3af,
>EFMA, or even 10GbE. It's important that all of these
>dot3s have OAM and are consistent.
>Val Oliva
>On Tuesday, February 18, 2003, at 08:32  PM, Booth, Bradley wrote:
>>Study group members,
>>As some of you may know, EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile or 802.3ah) has 
>>added Operation, Administration and Management (OAM) capabilities to 
>>their specification.  Like 802.3af DTE power, the study group needs to 
>>decide whether or not compliance with 802.3ah is within the scope of our 
>>effort, and most specifically the OAM capabilities.  This relates to 
>>compatability with our existing standards.  If there is anyone that would 
>>like to make presentations for or against compliance with 802.3ah or 
>>802.3ah OAM, please let me know.
>>Thank you,
>>Chair, 10GBASE-T Study Group