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[10GBASE-T] RE: A question list we need to answer

This sounds like a good way forward to me.  I will wait to hear others
response - time to listen ;)  Thanks Xiaopeng.

George Zimmerman
tel: (949) 581-6830 ext. 2500
cell: (310) 920-3860

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Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 2:27 PM
To: George Zimmerman
Subject: A question list we need to answer

Hi, all,

I think we have had some quite meaningful discussions in this group on
project.  Following George's idea, I list the following questions that
need to answer to make constructive progress in our discussion on this
reflector and in the coming Dallas meeting.

1)  Is the channel capacity metric meaningful in 10GBT?
2)  If no to 1), then what metric we should use to finish our work?
3)  If yes to 1), what channel/noise data we should use?  (cabling
group is working hard on this)
4)  If yes to 1), what noise/interference cancellation levels can be
achieved in the real-world? (Dallas meeting topic, I think)
5)  Is the current target (100m CAT-5E/CAT-6) achievable based on the
metric we choose?
6)  If no to 5), then what should we do next?
7)  If yes to 5), then is there more simulations (for example,
simulations) need to be carried out for verification?

The list can be imcomplete, so please let us know your opinion.

Best Regards,

Marvell Semiconductor