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RE: [10GBASE-T] Reflections

Message text written by Geoff Thompson
>We did do a lot of investigation into twisted pair cabling characteristics

when we developed 1BASE5 and 10BASE-T. After that experience we decided 
that we didn't want to do cabling and worked very hard to:
         1) See that useful specs for our applications were developed in 
TIA and SC 25.
         2) Use those specifications.
When those cabling groups were starting on their specification of Cat 6 we 
did ask them to characterize the cabling well beyond the zero ACR point 
(their traditional cutoff point). They, in fact, did so.<

Message from Alan Flatman, liaison from ISO/IEC SC25 WG3:

Geoff is absolutely correct. SC25 WG3 also discussed the possible need to
extend characterisation to higher frequencies at its meeting in Wellington
last month. I will be presenting a liaison statement from them at our next
meeting at DFW. Look forward to seeing you there.