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RE: [10GBASE-T] Reflections

Message text written by "Rao, Sailesh"
>It also doesn't make sense to try and "extend" Class D/E channel specs,
with all the attendant risks, when 11801 has already specified a Class F
channel that covers the frequency range of relevance to 10GBASE-T.<


Your point regarding Class F is entirely logical - unfortunately I estimate
its share of the worldwide installed base to be a mere 0.4% by end 2005
(see attached). I anticipate more FTTD by then.

Your point concerning extended frequency characterisation was discussed by
ISO/IEC at their meeting in New Zealand last month and I will be presenting
a liaison statement from them on Tuesday. They are keen to work with 802.3
on extending the recently published specification for Cat 6/Class E - you
can view the statement before we meet (it's on the 10G web site).

Look forward to dseeing you at DFW.

Regards,     Alan

copper cabling in 2006.pdf