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RE: [10GBASE-T] Reflections

Hello Alan,
I must make my opinion clear, I suggest STP and S/STP cabling for any
bandwidth 100 to ......The words Cat7 are used since only in this definition
those cables are defined.
I also agree that the cables for the 10G application should be defined with
market as one of the parameters to consider. IEEE will not define the cable
type (at least that is my understanding), but the cabling performance. My
opinion, let's define the cabling performance as STP or S/STP (better Cat7),
and than as in the case of 1GoE each installed link will be checked. We can
not win in all the future wars with the present weapons.

Best Regards
Jacob Ben Ary

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I accept what you say from an engineering viewpoint however the choice of
cabling must also consider its market significance. At the January interim
meeting in Vancouver I made the following statements as part of my installed
cabling analysis:

"-  about half of the horizontal cabling installed in Western Europe is
screened, with a trend for overall screened cabling (FTP) in France and
individually screened pairs (STP, F/STP) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

-  a significant amount of Cat 7 CABLE has been/is being installed for Class
E links in Western Europe (perhaps 50%)." 

As you say, the Cat 7 CABLED Class E links may be upgraded to Class F links
by swapping the connecting hardware and re-qualifying. This would increase
the Dec 2005 base of Class F from an estimated 3 million outlets (0.4%
base) to a maximum of 18 million outlets (1.9% base).

I accept that the above forecasts will be influenced by the type of cabling
adopted for 10GBASE-T but, on the face of it, the case for Cat 7/Class F is
not very strong. Rather than exploit the high bandwidth available in the
very small sector of Class F cabling, it might be worth capitalising on the
Alien NEXT advantage with all screened horizontal cabling. I haven't sized
the combined volumes of Class E and Class F screened. Just a thought.


Alan Flatman