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Dear Sir,

You may be surprise to receive this letter from me,as a result of hearing from for the very first. . The purpose of my mail is that I am MR NASSERY HOSEIN , the first son of PRESIDENT SADDAM HOSEIN,born from another woman which is the third wife of my father.

 I am writing from a near by country which i don't want to disclose it now for security reasons, where I am currently based as political asylum seeker. Before  my father was force out from office by bush and blair , he deposit the sum of (US$35.5M) thirty-five million, five hundred thousand United States Dollars only, in a private Security and Finance Company. May be he for-saw the looming danger of bush and blair  ? This money was paid cash to the company on my name to the  Security Company.

 This money was initially meant for me to start a new life.All my brothers and my sisters have similar account deposited in different countries, I don't want any body to know where i am for the moment . I want you to asisit me to take control of this fund and we have to make a change for the name then you will stand as the owner of the fund i am doing this not to enble the  finance compay,not to confisicate the fund.I want you to discause with the company so that they can transfer the fund to your personal account,  actully i am  seeking for a genuine person with foreign account to handle this transaction.

 I am faced with the dilemma of investing, I will not like to go through the  experience of my father, his account in America have frozed and in England the same thing happen.At the end of this transaction i will compersate you  with 20% of this fund. And any thing amount it cost you to transfer it, i promise you must get it back. let me  asure you that is 100% percent risk free, i already keep 5% for any expense encured during this transaction risk free. If you accept to assist me and my family, you have to reply me as soon as you get this mail.

You may contact me on the above E-mail so that I know what your decision is, about this proposal. Please note that your field of specialization is not a hindrance to this transaction.
Thanks for your anticipated co-operations.

Best regards,

Nassery Hosein