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RE: [10GBASE-T] PAR and 5 critters

Just to clarify, Vativ, Broadcom & Marvell presented capacity calculations
at the Portsmouth meeting and showed that worst-case CAT-7 (Class F) cabling
had sufficient channel capacity to achieve 10Gbps throughput at 100 meter
distance. The reason for "may be possible" statement in the conclusions was
that the 3 PHY vendors felt that more work needed to be done on practical
implementation issues before the conclusion could be altered to a more
definitive statement. 

In addition, we proved conclusively that there was NOT sufficient channel
capacity on existing CAT-5e (Class D), or CAT-6 (Class E) cables to achieve
10 Gbps throughput.

Sreen Raghavan
Vativ Technologies

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Message text written by "Kardontchik, Jaime"
>Was any reason given why it would not run on Class F ? Was it for
technical reasons or for marketing reasons ?<

The 3-PHY vendor presentation made in Portsmouth (sallaway_1_0503)
calculated 49.36 Gbit/s capacity using unscaled Cat 7/Class F cabling. This
figure was reduced to 37.71 Gbit/s with worst case limits. Overall, I
thought that this was a refreshingly realistic presentation and I
interpreted the summary statement "Capacity calculations with measured data
indicate 10 Gigabit data transmission over 100m Cat 7 may be possible"
(slide 16, bullet 3) as overly cautious engineering judgement.

So, what has changed since the May interim? Not the laws of physics!

Best regards,

Alan Flatman
Principal Consultant
LAN Technologies