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[10GBASE-T] Market potential

I have trouble with this fitting into the traditional horizontal 100 meter market for two reasons (if this is something we need to justify for broad market potential):

Not achieving the 100 meters, which I believe is something that has made this market very successful. Note, I don't count Cat 7.

And if ignoring that, running 10 gig at 60 meters and only 1 gig at 61 meters. I would have a hard time justifying such a product.


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Terry -

Thanks for returning focus to the 5 criteria.  Can you elaborate on
where you think the potential users are? =20


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George, On Broad Market Potential you said:

"As far as broad market potential is concerned, looking at something
like 99% of the installed base in 2005 being Class D & E, and between
60-70% being less than 50meters, that represents a broad market."

I would agree that does represent a broad market but I am not sure I
agree that it represents a broad market of potential users.