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RE: [10GBASE-T] Economic feasibility

The same criteria of broad market potential applied to CX4. In the case of CX4, I believe the market potential is based on the need for connections within a stack or rack (and occasionally between adjacent racks). This is a real market. Also, I expect CX4 to serve Fibre Channel devices where a lower cost within rack connection is important.
On treating all projects equally: Projects aren't equal. In my opinion, the judgement of whether a project has enough market potential is an oriented ROI decision for the industry. For example, it takes a lot more market potential to justify a project that requires turning MAC and switch chips (e.g. a new speed) then it does for a project for a new PHY. It takes less market potential for a project that is a tweak to an existing PHY or an acknowledgement of PHYs that already exist (e.g. 100BASE-LX10).
So for me, the threshold for 10GBASE-T broad market potential is higher than that for CX4 but not nearly as high as it would be for doing a new speed.
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I don't have any quarrel with your view of what the initial market is likely to be. Only with the concept that it will stay that way, and with the concept that we can predict where advanced technology will take us five years hence.

By the way, I didn't see the same criteria of broad market potential applied to CX4. Not that it bothers me; I firmly believe we are here to advance the technology and market potential any way we can, in big or small steps. They just should be treated equally.

George Eisler