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RE: [10GBASE-T] Economic feasibility or Market Potential?

> Dan,
> I don't understand your statement: "How many 
> "Gig-to-the-Desktop" boxes will be shipping in '04 and '05 ? 
> Assuming a good percentage of them have CX4 interfaces, that 
> will be a large part of the market potential."
> I don't see CX4 as a desktop technology. Desktops generally 
> are more than 15 m (as the cable runs) away from the switch. 

Hi Pat,

Thanks for pointing out that my statement was not clear. I expect those CX4
interfaces to be on "uplinks" for the GttD boxes. Not desktop connections.
So the volume of CX4 ports will not be desktop ports, but uplink ports..
typically 1 or 2 per box.