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RE: [10GBASE-T] RE: EMI Discussion


I have been following the EMI discussion with interest. Dan is absolutely
right to focus our minds on this important topic. I agree with the intent
of Brad's proposal to have a 10GBASE-T project objective to meet FCC Class
A RF emission requirements however I would offer a "friendly amendment" to
reference CISPR, which is the international (IEC) version. There are slight
differences between FCC and CISPR which are highlighted in the attached
graphs. CISPR has also introduced requirements for conducted disturbance
below 30 MHz, which are also featured in the attachment. I recall
mentioning this in an 802 tutorial on EMC I presented a few years ago.

There is an interesting correlation between alien crosstalk and EMI. Many
experts see this relationship being interlinked. The Europeans are looking
at coupling attenuation as a way of controlling the EMC (and perhaps the
alien crosstalk) contribution of cabling. This is also being considered by
CISPR. I intend to make a detailed contribution on this topic fairly soon.

Best regards,     Alan

RFI Limits.pdf