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Re: [10GBASE-T] Proposed modification to PAR scope


I believe that this new verbage is more complete than the current and
therefore I support this change.

Clint Early, Jr.
International Paper

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                      09/24/2003 10:58 AM                                                                                                           


Howard Frazier has proposed the following modification to the scope of the
10GBASE-T PAR to help narrow the focus and prevent the interpretation that
the Study Group is planning to make modifications to the MAC, and to make
sure the Study Group is focused on the horizontal structured copper cabling

   Specify a Physical Layer (PHY) for operation at 10 Gb/s
   on horizontal structured copper cabling, using the existing
   Media Access Controller, and with extensions to the appropriate
   physical layer management parameters, of IEEE Std 802.3.

Is there any feedback on this proposed modification?

Brad Booth

Chair, 10GBASE-T Study Group