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[10GBASE-T] Tentative agenda for January 2004

Title: Tentative agenda for January 2004

Dear Study Group members,

While the Study Group is not officially a Task Force and we won't find out until the middle of February, the goal for the January meeting will be to operate as though we are a Task Force and start working towards the development of our first draft specification.  The goal is to generate draft D1.0 coming out of the July 802 Plenary meeting.  To achieve that goal, we have 8 months in which to develop consensus on what should be the baseline for the first draft.  Presentations should focus on what needs to be contained within the specification, and the presentations should try to reflect a broad range of input and consensus.  Once the first draft is created, the Task Force will work to refine and hone that specification for evaluation by the 802.3 Working Group and eventually the Sponsor Ballot Group.

To support that effort in generating the first draft, I am requesting that presentations shall indicate multiple contributors, and those contributors shall be from more than one vendor.  I expect that we will have few motions at the meeting in January, so the plan is to spend most of the time on presentations and discussions.  Therefore, I will go easy on the multiple contributor requirement in January 2004, as I want the group to be able to entertain a broad range of contributions, but as we progress towards July, this requirement will become more stringent.  It would be in a presenter's best interest to start developing consensus on their proposals early.  I would also like to remind presenters that they should ensure that their proposals, at a minimum, meet our Objectives. 

If you require more information about our Objectives, 5 Criteria or Project Approval Request (PAR), those documents can be found at the following URL:

If you'd like more information on presentation guidelines, please see the following URL:

Finally, I'd like to say "congratulations and thank you" to the Study Group for the success we had in 2003, and I look forward to seeing you all in 2004.

Happy Holidays,

Bradley Booth
Chair, IEEE 802.3 10GBASE-T Study Group