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[10GBASE-T] RE: Clarification on minutes

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Brad, Jeff,
Thanks for the clarification. I understand that D1.0 happens after >=75% consensus and that is the criteria rather than time. Though you probably still don't want to show the last technical proposal coming in after Draft 1.0.
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From: Booth, Bradley []
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 8:11 PM
To: Jeff Warren; Sanjay Kasturia
Subject: RE: Clarification on minutes

Thanks for the information.
A clarification for everyone: the creation of D1.0 is very dependent on acceptance (>= 75% consensus) of a technical baseline.  In other words, the schedule may vary depending on the needs of the project.  The first milestone is to develop a technical baseline.
Chair, 10GBASE-T Study Group
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From: Jeff Warren []
Sent: Friday, January 02, 2004 8:30 AM
To: Sanjay Kasturia; Booth, Bradley
Subject: Re: Clarification on minutes

On page 5 of my 10GBT November 2003 minutes look at the finer granularity timeline for the next 6-months. This is the best source of information we've seen from our 10GBASE-T chairman Brad Booth on what will happen in 1H04.
In particular the 10GBASE-T Task Force will entertain technical presentations (Proposals) during a number of interim (e.g. January, April, May) and plenary (March, July) meetings that form the baseline set of presentations (technically agreed upon material, 75% or better by TF vote). These presentations typically find their way into a "Blue Book" that in the past has been published by a Technical Alliance.
  • These agreed upon proposals will be incorporated in the Draft 1.0 of the "10GBASE-T Task Force Proposed Standard". They are the foundation of the 10GBASE-T standard. Once incorporated into the draft standard it will be very difficult to remove them, however another TF vote of 75% or greater can alter or remove any portion of the evolving draft standard.   
The 0.9 draft is just an internal draft for TF edification; it's an aid to get D1.0 done on time - we'll capture as much agreed upon material as possible in D0.9 in an attempt to lock down the non-debatable material.    
As far as the "Last Technical Proposal" for D1.0 ONLY I think you have a point here, that would most likely be presented during the July 2004 Plenary meeting, not after the July meeting. The actual draft 1.0 would be created after the July 2004 plenary meeting and it would incorporate all technical changes that were agreed upon up to the close of the July 2004 plenary meeting. Closure of some editorials may slip outside this July meeting; the various editors will resolve them. We would use draft 1.0 during our 2004 September interim; this is where the fun starts managing the 10GBASE-T comment database. 
As for the "LAST Technical Change" just prior to the 2005 July plenary (this is most likely during the 2005 May interim) think of this as our current stake in the ground for final closure of the technical content for the standard. After this point in time the TF is in a FIX IT mode, not allowing feature creep to kill the standards progress during the final 1-year stretch to the finish line where the standard is finished from a TF perspective. 
I hope this helps. We're going into a 6-month phase now of a LOT of technical work is ahead of us. Having a high focused and managed "10GBT Technical Alliance" would have helped but there was no interest in forming this technical forum so we'll have to do all this work within the IEEE venues. I'm sure we'll have a number of volunteers to host non-IEEE sessions at their respective company locations as an alternative to a well managed technical alliance.  
            - Jeff Warren (10GBT SG Secretary)   
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Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 6:44 PM
Subject: Clarification on minutes

Brad, Jeff,
The minutes of the Albuquerque meeting that have been posted have items on the time line (page 5) that seem inconsistent with the guidelines present in Brad's overview presentation. See figure from Brad's presentation slide 13:
This shows that a proposal has been selected by the task force before Draft 1.0.
The minutes, however, show on page 5 that the last technical proposal can come in after the July meeting after draft 1.0 is ready.

Can you clarify?
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