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[10GBASE-T] Presentation requests

Title: Presentation requests

Dear Study Group members,

At the end of this month NesCom will decide if we become the P802.3an Task Force.  Once that is established, our goal is to create draft D1.0 and get it into the Task Force, Working Group and Sponsor Group review cycles.  Although we have seen a large amount of data over the last year, that information was used to generate the PAR, 5 Criteria and Objectives.  Now is the time to bring that information back in the form of recommendations for a baseline proposal for D1.0.  Without these technical presentations and proposals, there will not be much for the group to discuss in our March meeting.  The Task Force needs to have indepth discussions on these recommendations within our meetings and with our fellow 802.3 members and voters.  Remember, 802.3 must ratify our decisions.

I have received a few requests for presentations for March.  I'm hoping that we can continue to build on the presentations on cable characterization, magnetics, line coding, coding gain and auto-negotiation that we saw in January.  If there is an area that you feel needs more focus or a concept you feel the group should analyze, then please make a presentation.  Topics like latency, FEC, connectors, etc. are all open for discussion.  If you've seen a presentation that you would like to support or improve upon, please work with the previous presenter and bring that information back to the attention of the group.

I would also like to request that if you think you'd like to make a presentation, to please let me know within the next couple of weeks.  The Plenary week is promising to be very busy, and there is overlapping business between 802.1 and 802.3 that may draw some of our more experienced 802.3 members away.  If you wait until the last minute to request presentation time, I may not be able to guarantee that there will be time available.  As I mentioned previously, presentations will be done on a first-request, first-present basis.  And all presentations are due by Wednesday, March 10th!

Thank you,

Bradley Booth
Chair, IEEE 802.3 10GBASE-T Study Group
512-732-3924 (W)
512-422-6708 (C)