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[10GBT] phy parameter list

I hope all of you have recovered from the visit to Disney World, from
the ethernet guitar music and from the wild nights at Pleasure Island.
While we made good progress in arriving at an agreement on the channel
models and on the link specification front, I am obliged to point out
that we will need to reach agreement on a number other critical
parameters to have a reasonably complete draft 1.0
I looked through the draft that George Eisler generated by modifying the
1000BASE-T spec and the large number of TBDs and listed some of the
important ones in an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is attached and
I am sure Brad can help us put it on the website so it becomes a living
document. If there are other critical parameters that should be listed
in it, please send me email.
I think participants should start thinking of presentations for the next
802.3an meeting to make a case for specific values for the parameters
listed in the spreadsheet.
I am collecting information on how the selection was made for 1000BASE-T
and will come up with suggestions on how we can start the process of
comparing different phy proposals in case there isn't unanimity on all
the parameter values right from the start!
Sanjay Kasturia
Editor, IEEE 802.3an
cell (650) 704-7686
office (408) 653-2235

Item #  Description                             Current proposals
1       Symbol rate     	
2       Modulation      	
3       Frame structure 	
4       Transmit encoding for FEC       	
5       Transmitter bit to symbol mapping       	
6       Transmit processing     	
7       Transmit latency through PCS    	
8       Transmit voltage specification  	
9       Transmit pulse shaping  	
10      Transmit master and slave jitter specifications 	
11      Transmit linearity specifications       	
12      Maximum allowable transmit distortion   	
13      Transmit noise floor    	
14      Transmit latency through PMA    	
        Startup protocol        	
15      state diagram for training      	
16      Coefficient exchange if required        	
17      Coefficient initialization if required  	
18      Mode selection method if phy operates in multiple modes 	
        Receiver performance requirement        	
19      BER or FER over specified channel models             10^-12 for
20      Receiver latency requirement