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Re: [10GBT] Framing for 10GBASE-T

Thanks. I did think the 64B/66B was at the bit-stream level and Sailesh (at the Albuquerque meeting) had also some framing at the symbol level over and beyond bit-level framing
Is there a need for framing at the bitstream level over and beyond what you do in the TCM mapping in your proposal?
You are correct in pointing out that group decisions must be formalized at a formal meeting through the voting process but  I am not suggesting we bypass that process. Reaching agreement earlier (if it happens!) will will enable us to get the specific decision through the voting process quicker and possible let us address more issues within the time constraints of the next meeting.
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Subject: Re: [10GBT] Framing for 10GBASE-T

Sanjay – I have seen 2 other proposals, one by Sailesh, in his original procedure, and the other by myself (to incorporate the control symbols directly into the TCM mapping, and thus avoid the higher baud rates).  There may be more brought to the group at the next meeting.


Discussion of these items might be useful on the reflector, however, we should refrain from trying to make group decisions without a formal meeting and voting process.


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Subject: [10GBT] Framing for 10GBASE-T




I have seen a proposal from Sailesh Rao to use 10GBASE-R (Clause 49) 64B/66B framing for 10GBASE-T - see


I don't recall seeing any other framing proposal. Is everyone in favor of using 64B/66B framing? If not, can you point me to alternative framing proposals?


If there aren't any alternative proposals, shall we, as a group, focus on developing this further?




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