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Re: [10GBT] Transmit power levels


The relationship between the peak and average voltage (or power) will be dependent on the line code chosen - although I think that all the serious candidates seem to be pretty similar. You should enquire from the proposers what their pk-pk voltage requirement (as well as the average) would be.


Sanjay Kasturia wrote:
A quick scan through past presentations reveals a few different proposals for transmit power levels. , a March 2003 presentation by Joseph Babanezhad of Plato Labs, proposes 2v peak to peak and also has a table on slide 16 that lists other prior proposals: 2v peak to peak from a proposal from Cicada and 3.134v peak to peak for a proposal from Solarflare.
A subsequent presentation from George Zimmerman of Solarflare,  gives a range of  TX power, > 6dBm to <10dBm though there is no mention of actual peak to peak voltages. If I assume that the 3.134v peak to peak corresponds to 10dBm then the 6dBm number will be about 2v peak to peak.

Joseph, Vivek (Cicada) and George - is my interpretation of each of your proposals correct? Were there any other proposals on transmit power?
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