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Re: [10GBT] Transmit power levels

As mentioned several times, please don't Confuse the tutorial wlth a proposal.

George A. Zimmerman
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    From: "Joseph Babanezhad"<jobaba@PLATOLABS.COM>
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    Subject: Re: [10GBT] Transmit power levels


    According to Solarflare's Nov. 2002 tutorial presentation (pg.17) their
    launch power is 10-12dBm. During his Jan. 2003 presentation

    Bill Jones mentions 9.5 dBm launch power (pg.5). After Jan. 2003 meeting
    sent the following e-mail to the reflector and provided detailed analysis
    coming up with their peak-to-peak launch voltage. That is where I got the
    launch voltage number for Solarflare.

    Joseph N. Babanezhad
    Plato Labs.
          Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 14:13:18 -0800
          From: "William Jones" <>
          To: <>
          Subject: [10GBASE-T] clarification on voltage level    All headers

          In response to some questions at last weeks meeting (and to stimulate
    some reflector activity), I wanted to clarify the launch voltage level

          For 10 dBm, ideal PAM10 (random data and PSD ~sinc^2) and 100 ohm load

          Vrms = sqrt(P*R) = 1 V

          Vpeak = Vrms*sqrt(3*(M-1)/(M+1))  where M is the number of PAM levels
                   = 1.57 V

          Vpp = 2*Vpeak = 3.13 V

          For 9.5 dBm

          Vrms = .944 V

          Vpeak = 1.48 V

          Vpp = 2.96 V

          Note: this is based on an ideal PAM signal, any filtering in the
    transmit path will change the PAR and peak voltages.


          William W. Jones, Ph.D.
          Director of Systems Engineering
          SolarFlare Communications, Inc.
          949-581-6830, ext. 2550
          mobile: 619-405-2445
          fax: 949-581-4695

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