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Re: [10GBT] Transmit power levels

You were incorrect in assuming the tutorial was "our proposal".  It was demonstrating a feasible approach.
We will specify the launch voltage when we make it as a formal proposal.  At that time, all factors will be considered.  You will get your response at the meeting.  I will note that we haven't seen a formal proposal with these details from any other party.

Launch voltage, as I'm sure you know, is more than just taking the pam levels or the coding of the constellation
and adding them up - however, it seems that most of the numbers discussed in this forum have been just that.  It is a function of many factors, including transmit spectral shaping, precoding, transmit filtering, and group delay variation.  Some of these may effect the launch voltage dramatically, some not at all - it depends on the system.  Frankly,  without fully specifying transmit filtering, any precoding (TH or otherwise), none of these peak-to-peak voltage specifications can stand on their own.


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        Subject: Re: [10GBT] Transmit power levels

        Dear Mr. Zimmerman,

        Earlier this week, u made couple of comments regarding transmit power levels in reply to Sanjay's email on this reflector (in blue fonts):

        (1) No , at the time of Joseph's presentation we noted it was  not correct.  I can't answer  in  detail now (I'm on my mobile ), but we will at the meeting or before.

        George A. Zimmerman
        cell: 310 920 3860
        (sent from my mobile)

        - we appreciate ur effort in replying even thru ur mobile. i hope u r not on ur mobile 24x7, and will kindly explain ur comment soon on this forum. Just let us know where we r wrong.

        Also, in response to Joseph's email regarding Mr. Bill Jones's email explaining peak-to-peak voltage for solarflare tutorial, this is what u replied:

        (2) As mentioned several times, please don't Confuse the tutorial wlth a proposal.

        George A. Zimmerman
        cell: 310 920 3860
        (sent from my mobile)

        - well, why dont u just clarify Solarflare's position on "actual peak-to-peak voltage" and transmit power levels and let everyone know where u guys stand, for once and all?

        - we will sincerely appreciate ur response before the meeting.


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                    Subject: [10GBT] Transmit power levels
                      A quick scan through past presentations reveals a few different
                    proposals for transmit power levels.

           , a
                    March 2003 presentation by Joseph Babanezhad of Plato Labs, proposes 2v
                    peak to peak and also has a table on slide 16 that lists other prior
                    proposals: 2v peak to peak from a proposal from Cicada and 3.134v peak
                    to peak for a proposal from Solarflare.

                    A subsequent presentation from George Zimmerman of Solarflare,  gives a
                    range of  TX power, > 6dBm to <10dBm though there is no mention of
                    actual peak to peak voltages. If I assume that the 3.134v peak to peak
                    corresponds to 10dBm then the 6dBm number will be about 2v peak to peak.

                    Joseph, Vivek (Cicada) and George - is my interpretation of each of your
                    proposals correct? Were there any other proposals on transmit power?



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