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Re: [10GBT] [SPAM] [10GBT] symbol rate

> In May of 1998 at the CICC conference while waiting to present my paper
> I was listening to Mehdi Hatamian of Broadcom, one of the movers & shakers
> of IEEE 1000BASE-T standard, give his tutorial presentation on 802.3ab
> standard draft. There was one thing that he kept repeating it over and
> over ... and over again;
> "Remember the most important things for Ethernet are power, power and power"

Really? This is news to me...

I don't know what this individual's reasons or motivations were in
expressing this opinion, but personally I would treat it just as
that --- an opinion and not necessarily a fact.

I would be the last person to claim that power considerations for
implementing a 10GBase-T PHY are not important, they are. However,
to claim that this is the "most important thing" would be a bit of
a stretch to say the least. Network systems that use Ethernet are
not created equal one-size-fits-all. For some of them power is the
overriding consideration, for some others it is a very minor one.
That is one of the reasons why for PHY projects we usually have
objectives for distance and cabling infrastructure, but not for