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Re: [10GBT] [SPAM] Re: [10GBT] [SPAM] [10GBT] symbol rate


During Nov. 2003 plenary and part of 10GBASE-T SG tutorial several vendors
put down their estimates for 10GBASE-T power consumption (pg.37).
In 65nm CMOS process the lowest estimate was 6.2W (NEC) and the highest was
18W (Broadcom, Marvell, Cicada and Vative). During ISSCC 2004 (Feb.)
conference Aeluros presented an 800mW 10Gb/s Ethernet transceiver in
0.13um CMOS process!

With these numbers if you don't think that power is going to be a major
issue for
the acceptance of  10GBASE-T PHY products then I have no argument.


Joseph N. Babanezhad
Plato Labs.

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> > In May of 1998 at the CICC conference while waiting to present my paper
> > I was listening to Mehdi Hatamian of Broadcom, one of the movers &
> > of IEEE 1000BASE-T standard, give his tutorial presentation on 802.3ab
> > standard draft. There was one thing that he kept repeating it over and
> > over ... and over again;
> >
> > "Remember the most important things for Ethernet are power, power and
> Really? This is news to me...
> I don't know what this individual's reasons or motivations were in
> expressing this opinion, but personally I would treat it just as
> that --- an opinion and not necessarily a fact.
> I would be the last person to claim that power considerations for
> implementing a 10GBase-T PHY are not important, they are. However,
> to claim that this is the "most important thing" would be a bit of
> a stretch to say the least. Network systems that use Ethernet are
> not created equal one-size-fits-all. For some of them power is the
> overriding consideration, for some others it is a very minor one.
> That is one of the reasons why for PHY projects we usually have
> objectives for distance and cabling infrastructure, but not for
> power.
> Shimon.