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[10GBT] FW: Channel Models

A number of people have sent me email asking about channel models. The channel model formulas are in the presentation up on the reflector at:

These will be superseded by the actual link segment text when that is approved. An unapproved draft of this is available online at:

As for actual complex (phase magnitude models) that reflect cabling that meets the various models, we need measurements that are then scaled to meet the formulas.
Chris DiMinico has one set of measurements via the cabling Adhoc and I am forwarding his email on that with his attachments to the reflector. Scaled versions of these together with scaled versions from a few other measurements done by some cabling vendors will be put on the website soon.
Questions on this data can be directed to Chris DiMinico
cell (650) 704-7686
office (408) 653-2235

From: []
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2004 10:03 AM
To: Sanjay Kasturia; Jose Tellado
Subject: Channel Models

As we discussed; please find attached the cabling ad hoc measurement data for a  100  meter
four connector topology. I labeled the current models used from the measurment
data set (unscaled). The Category 6 adhoc models are posted on the IEEE reflector (