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[10GBT] IMPORTANT: Phy proposal details

Some of the people making PHY proposals have already sent me a filled out version of the spreadsheet:
Those of you making PHY proposals who have not done so yet should do so.
If you don't we will either have to leave the table entries blank or I will have to go through your presentation and abstract out the information.
I don't want the responsibility of abstracting the information because I could make errors due to misinterpretation.
I will consolidate the information provided into one spread sheet. Since there may be uncertainties regarding assumptions and interpretations, I will not freeze this and will let you provide updates that will get reflected in the consolidated sheet.
Since email on this subject has often generated responses of the nature "I am not ready to provide the information" or "I need more information to come up with the entries" - here's a disclaimer - please provide information that you are ready to share because it will be up on the website.
Please do not delete any rows because doing that will make it very difficult for me to consolidate the spreadsheets from different proposals. If you want to add rows, please add them at the end.
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