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[10GBT] Clarification on proposaldetails spreadsheet

Looking through the proposaldetail spreadsheets I have received, I have seen some numbers that may may indicate discrepancies in interpretation and am sending this out as a clarification. This may or may not be relevant to you and does not imply an error in what you have submitted.
Since the most vocal debate on channel models has centered around ANEXT modeling, the entries called for in row 11 aim to understand sensitivity of your proposal to the ANEXT coefficient. This is not the same thing as the gap between SNR required and SNR available at the "Slicer input" of the DFE. To get the number requested, adjust the ANEXT coefficient so that the SNR available equals the SNR required.
I think some have submitted the gap between the SNR required and SNR available which is the more traditional interpretation of margin. It may make sense to include this number also.
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