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[10GBT] FW: [802.3] FW: March 2004 IEEE 802.3 Meeting Announcement

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My apologies to those that get this twice.
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Subject: [802.3] FW: March 2004 IEEE 802.3 Meeting Announcement

IEEE 802.3 will meet July 12-15 at the  Embassy Suites Downtown, Portland, Oregon, USA. The meeting announcement  can be found on a link on our home web page ( and an update on the meeting will be sent separately to this reflector.  At this point, it is expected that all of our meetings (with the possible exception of the closing 802.3 plenary meeting) will be held at the Embassy Suites (this is a logistically challenging meeting for our meeting planners based on the available space).

The opening 802.3 meeting will begin at 1:00 pm on July 12 , and the closing 802.3 meeting will be 1:00 pm July 15. These meetings will follow our typical agenda. (For typical ordering of topics, please see the minutes from previous meetings. A detailed agenda will be approved at the meeting.) As usual, task force, study group, standing committee and any appropriate ad hoc meetings will be scheduled between the opening and closing 802.3 meetings. It will be a busy week, and I look forward to seeing you in Portland . Additional meeting information follows and contact information for task force and study group chairs can be found on our web site .

Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3 Working Group

802.3ah Task Force – Ethernet in the First Mile (tentatively, no meeting)
The P802.3ah project has been submitted to RevCom for ratification at the June Standards Board meetings. If that ratification takes place, the only item of business for P802.3ah is to give its final report.  If for some reason the project is not approved, the Task Force will meet to address the relevant issues.  An update on the results from the Standards Board meetings and consequent clarification of July P802.3ah activity will be sent to the reflector after the Standards Board meetings.

802.3an Task Force – 10GBASE-T (Tue-Thu)
The 10GBASE-T Task Force is now in the process of creating its first draft.  As part of that, the meeting will include technical proposals and work toward selection of the proposals to be included in that first draft.  Those wishing to present during the task force meetings should contact the Chair, Mr. Brad Booth.

802.3ap Task Force – Backplane Ethernet (Tues-Thu)
The task force was organized at the May meeting, and in July will be hearing and evaluating technical proposals for possible inclusion in a first draft to be created later this year.  Those wishing to present during the task force meetings should contact the Chair, Mr. Adam Healey.

802.3aq Task Force –  10GBASE-LRM (Mon-Thu)
The 10 Gigabit Ethernet Over FDDI Grade Multimode Fiber Study Group became the P802.3aq Task Force at its May meeting.  The task force will be hearing and evaluating proposals for inclusion in a first draft to be created later this year.  Those wishing to present during the task force meetings should contact the Chair, Mr. David Cunningham.

802.3REVam Task Force –  Maintenance 8 and revision of IEEE Std 802.3-2002 (Wed)
As required by IEEE-SA process, we are engaged in a revision project for IEEE Std 802.3.  A consolidated draft has been created merging IEEE Std 802.3ae-2002, IEEE Std 802.3af-2003, IEEE Standard 802.3aj-2003 and IEEE Standard 802.3ak-2004 into IEEE Std 802.3-2002.  This draft is currently being reviewed by the editorial teams for the listed amendments to validate that the merge is correct.  It is also planned that P802.3ah will be merged into the consolidated edition after it is approved as an IEEE Standard.  The revision project will also incorporate competed errata and maintenance change requests that are ready for ballot.  It is expected that the task force will be releasing the consolidated edition to the Working Group prior to the July meeting in anticipation of requesting a Working Group Ballot at the closing plenary. 

Rules, Maintenance, Interpretations (tentative, Wed)
The standing committees on Rules, Maintenance and Interpretations will meet as required by requests for any rules changes, maintenance requests or interpretation of the standard.  No rules changes are proposed as of the date of this announcement, but there are additional maintenance requests and interpretations requests for consideration in July.

Frame Extensions  CFI/Ad Hoc (tentative, Tue)
The proposed 802.3ar project will be proposed to define extensions to IEEE Std 802.3 in support of protocols that require header (and possibly trailer) fields required by protocols like P802.1ad Provider Bridging and P802.1AE MACSec.  A combined Call For Interest and Ad Hoc working meeting will be held to discuss the need for this project, its scope and possible approach to implementing the capabilities requested of us by 802.1 that were the subject of a joint technical plenary during the March plenary meetings.  

802.3 PARs
P802.3ar -- Frame Format Extensions (described above) will be considered at the July meeting.  The PAR, criteria and background information can be found at:

PARs from other IEEE 802 groups
802.11p - Wireless Access for the Vehicular Environment (Amendment to the 802.11 Standard).  This PAR was submitted in March but not forwarded for procedural reasons.

802.11T - Wireless Performance Prediction (Recommended Practice)
Both of the above two Pending 802.11 PARs and their 5 Criteria are downloadable from the 802.11 Web Site for your due consideration at:


* P802.16e: <>
This is a proposed modification of the existing 802.16e PAR.

* P802.16f: <>
Five Criteria: <>
This is a proposed amendment to add a MIB to IEEE 802.16-2004.

* P802.16g: <>
Five Criteria: <>
This is a proposed amendment to add Management Plane Procedures and Services to IEEE 802.16-2004, as amended by 802.16e.

Residential  Ethernet (tentative Tuesday evening)
Richard Brand , Nortel Networks (

Residential Ethernet provides time-sensitive delivery between non-disruptive plug-and-play synchronized end points over reliable point-to-point full-duplex cable media. 

Time-sensitive audio-video applications for in home use will need some type of bandwidth allocations with predictable latency and low-jitter delivery to guarantee a constant level of quality of experience (QoE).   Ensuring real-time services through routers, data security, wireless media, and developing new PMDs are beyond the

scope of this project.