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Re: [10GBT] Electromagnetic Performance of Cabling

Hi Alan,

Thanks for bringing this valuable piece of work to our attention.
I have the following questions/comments/clarifications:

1-On pg.4 the field measurement filter bandwidth is specified
at 120 kHz but starting from pg.5 every where a 200 kHz
field measurement bandwidth has been used.

2-On pg.10 what are the basis for 15 dB SNR.

3-On pg.10 the highest 100BASE-T frequency needs to be
specified at 62.5 MHz and not 62.25 MHz.

4-Can you provide the electronic version of Ref.[2]?

5-On pg.13 the TX pulse-shaping filter of 1000BASE-T PHY,
required by standard, needs to be taken into account.

6-In the example section the required coupling attenuation of
each example (10, 100 & 1000BASE-T) needs to be evaluated
based on specified type of cabling; i.e.

10BASE-T -----> Cat3
100BASE-T ----> Cat5
1000BASE-T ---> Cat5e

7-There are some spelling errors. It is a good idea to run a spell-
checking program.


Joseph N. Babanezhad
Plato Labs.

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From: "Alan Flatman" <a_flatman@COMPUSERVE.COM>
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Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 9:20 AM
Subject: [10GBT] Electromagnetic Performance of Cabling

> Hello fellow 10GBASE-T'ers,
> At the March plenary meeting I mentioned a contribution on cabling
> electromagnetic performance in my liaison report from ISO/IEC SC25 WG3.
> This contribution has been posted on the 802.3an site under public
> liaisons.
> PHY designers may find this contribution useful in relating transmit
> spectrum to EMC compliance, as discussed with Sanjay at the May interim
> meeting in Long Beach.
> Regards,
> Alan Flatman
> ISO/IEC SC25 WG3 Liaison with IEEE 802