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[10GBT] Following up on summary from the last meeting

Following up from where we ended up at the last meeting at Long Beach, here is a list of reminders:
1) Some of the proposals listed in the Phy proposal details spreadsheet were incomplete - even in the items marked "required". I suggest you try to complete them - sooner rather than later so task force members have time to study them. You can send the updates to me, or to the reflector and I will incorporate them into the combined spreadsheet. If you have made changes to the proposal, try to highlight them so I don't miss transferring the changes to the combined spreadsheet.
2) There was a motion a the March meeting in Orlando asking for dynamic power control. There was a request for details on that in the Long Beach meeting. If there are details that can be shared via the reflector, please share them or bring a presentation on the topic to the upcoming meeting in Orlando.
3) There was a long discussion at the Long Beach meeting on whether error propagation was going to create a significant performance hit. If there is additional information that can be be provided on this topic or simulation code that can be used to prove/disprove, please provide it.
4) Regarding THP, there were questions whether reasonable complexity implementations were possible at the high symbol rates associated with 10GBASE-T. If there is information you can share to address this issue, please provide it.
5) There was some debate around the rate of change of temperature of the cabling in data center and other installations and the impact this could have on the performance of the system. Is there more information available on this? If the rate of change is high, it can have implications on the rate of update of adaptive filter coefficients and also on the rate at which updated THP coefficients have to be provided by the receiver to the transmitter in case there is dynamic update.
6) There was request for balance data on the transformers. I believe this was sent out. If this is indeed the case, then this issue is closed.
These requests are not addressed to specific participants. All should feel free to respond if they have relevant information.
I also invite more discussion/presentations on the PMD electrical specifications -
a) We did reach agreement on Transmitter return loss but there was debate on the tolerance of the impedance used to make the measurement.
b) There were a few motions on transmit voltage levels but no decision was reached
c) There has been very little discussion on transmitter jitter
d) Transmitter non-linearity has been brought up but there has been limited discussion on the topic
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