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[10GBT] Channel models and frequency range and other details of measurements

At the last meeting in Long Beach, there was mention of a TIA meeting and an ISO meeting. I don't recall the exact dates but I believe the TIA meeting should be over by now and possibly the ISO meeting too.
1) Can any of the folks who were at either of those meetings summarize any items that may be relevant to the 10GBASE-T task force? What I am asking for will not replace any official liaison letter we get so please don't flame all over this request. If official liaison letters have been received, can we get copies of those before our July meeting?
2) Were there any recommendations made by either of these bodies requesting us to change our NEXT models or return loss models? If the appropriate officials of either of these organizations are on this task force, can they provide the official response?
3) Also, looking through the proposals on the table right now, the proposed symbol rates now range from 810Msym/sec to 1000Msym/sec.
Given this, can we provide any guidance to the cabling industry on what frequency range we would like to see measured data?
4) For those of you planning to run time domain simulations, is there a preference on the frequency resolution of the measurements?
The transformer data has been provided in non-uniform frequency intervals - starting at roughly 14Khz spacing near DC and ~25Mhz near 600Mhz.
Some of the cabling data has been provided at 625Khz frequency spacing. Other cabling data has been provided at 750Khz frequency spacing. Any recommendations on a common frequency resolution? If so, what spacing?
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