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[10GBT] PHY proposal presentations...

Title: PHY proposal presentations...


At our upcoming July Plenary, the Task Force needs to start the selection process for the PHY that the Task Force will eventually want to present to the Working Group for review.  We have some of those proposals listed in the following document:

As a Task Force, we will need to make decisions on whether or not the PHY proposals have enough support and enough information for the editorial crew to develop D1.0 and to progress the Task Force to a draft D2.0 and Working Group ballot.  I would suggest that all PHY proposals present their complete information at the upcoming meeting so that the Task Force can select from complete proposals.  This does not require you to present every portion of your PHY proposal.  If a portion of your PHY proposal has commonality with portions of other proposals or presentations, then please feel free to reference those proposals or presentations in your PHY proposal.

Starting next month, the Task Force starts the process of writing a draft specification.  The faster the Task Force can come to consensus and get behind one proposal, then the faster we can get down to the intricacies of refining the specification and start work to get 10GBASE-T PHY implementations into the market.

See you in Portland, Oregon!

Thank you,

Brad Booth
Chair, IEEE P802.3an Task Force