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[10GBT] FW: Individuals vs Companies

Title: FW: Individuals vs Companies

Dear Presenters,

Dan makes a very excellent point.  In reviewing some of the past presentations, there are references to companies.  To avoid this, I would highly recommend that references should be made directly to the presentation.  Please be sure to review your presentations to make sure that you are not referencing a company, but rather an individual or the individual's presentation.

Thank you,

Brad Booth
Chair, IEEE P802.3an Task Force

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From:   Dove, Dan []
Sent:   Tuesday, July 06, 2004 5:39 PM
To:     Booth, Bradley
Subject:        Individuals vs Companies

Hi Brad,

While reviewing the slides from the LB meeting, I noted proposals being described as sponsored by companies rather than the individuals that presented them.

This is a minor nit, but thought that perhaps some attention would help prevent future explosions as we have seen happen in the past where people get frenetic about who is supporting a proposal and the number of companies vs individuals.


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